"Delegation Magic "

Richard Robinson, CPA, has participated with several other affiliated accountants and consultants across the country in the development of three new services and systems that will have a major impact upon the success and profitability of any small business.

"Delegation Magic" is a Paperless Workflow and Document Management System. It's made up of the following components:

The Paperless Office

From This . . .


. . . To This!

"Delegation Magic" utilizes a system that can easily cut the back office overhead costs of any small business by as much as 25% to 50% in just a few months. Most firms attempting to adopt a paperless document management system will invest thousands of dollars into hardware and software with no increased efficiency or cost savings.

With "Delegation Magic" you invest in our service, not a lot of hardware and software. Your savings begin in a few months, not years!

The Virtual Office

From This . . .


. . . To This!

The design of the "Delegation Magic" system led us to create a platform for the operation of a "Virtual Office" for small busineses that allows owners to convert fixed overhead to variable cost elements. If sales go down, costs go down. This virtual office platform allows firms to outsource payroll, bookkeeping, and just about every other back-office function to a firm such as ours and that of our affiliates.

If you are tired of employee drama,

dealing with bad numbers,

or the high cost of employees,

You may want to attend our next tele-seminar to learn more about the advantages of "Delegation Magic".

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Who We Are

The owner and principal of the company is Richard G. Robinson, CPA. He is licensed in New Mexico since 1995 and originally licensed in Colorado since 1987.

Our Staff

Since we are a virtual office, we utilize the assistance of accountants and bookkeepers who work from home all over the U.S. This is great for you because our burden rate for employees is about 1/2 that of our competitors and that savings is reflected in our rates.


If you need QuickBooks® help click the link below to ask us a question by email or just call us at 505-466-2830. Richard enjoys helping clients with QuickBooks® issues and has been a QuickBooks® consultant for many years.