"Building Cash Flow - Are You in Control? "

Do you still try to control your company with an old time ledger? Think of those old dusty filing cabinets. Think of all of that paper that you have to dig through to find an unpaid invoice or a contested bill. What if you could look at the records of the Anderson job without touching a single piece of paper? Did you lose the bill for that paint order? Is there a way to help yourself out of the paperwork morass and keep better control of your business?

Yes, there is. There are several accounting software programs on the market now that can help you stay on top of your business and do a better job planning your future. What if you knew weeks ahead of time that a job was going to come in cheaper than you hoped and you'd have some extra working capital? An accounting software package can keep you in control of your finances. There are two small business packages on the market now that can help you do a more professional job and even make your checks and invoices easier to track and better looking.

Both QuickBooks® for smaller businesses and Peachtree for businesses doing more than one million dollars in annual revenue can provide you with control of your daily transactions. Your bookkeeper will love you for this and you always know where you stand. Both of these programs run well if properly installed and regularly maintained. It's not as easy as the actor on TV says but with some regular help you can keep your system operating smoothly. Your accounting office can help you choose which package is best for your business' needs. They can also provide you with the installation, training, telephone support and maintenance services that you and you bookkeeper will need to make the best possible use of these exciting new ways to control your business.


Who We Are

The owner and principal of the company is Richard G. Robinson, CPA. He is licensed in New Mexico since 1995 and originally licensed in Colorado since 1987.

Our Staff

Since we are a virtual office, we utilize the assistance of accountants and bookkeepers who work from home all over the U.S. This is great for you because our burden rate for employees is about 1/2 that of our competitors and that savings is reflected in our rates.


If you need QuickBooks® help click the link below to ask us a question by email or just call us at 505-466-2830. Richard enjoys helping clients with QuickBooks® issues and has been a QuickBooks® consultant for many years.