"Building Cash Flow - Dialing For Help "

You may have seen the TV ads where the handsome blonde actor explains how very easy this new accounting software is. Yes, it is easy. And it will really help you control your business. A product like QuickBooks or Peachtree is your next stop if you want to keep moving into the future. These programs will simplify and speed up the work of your bookkeeper no matter who that is. You will be able to print checks and invoices from your computer. You will be able to keep track of your bills by due date and keep track of when your sales tax payments are due. You will be able to track the profitability of lines of products or individual jobs if you need to find out where your profit is coming from.

And, of course, there is a catch. If you not an accountant, these systems can be tricky to set up. We recommend these systems be installed by us so that you will be assured of a proper beginning to your use of an accounting software package. Without this help at the beginning you may never see real numbers coming out of your program and the frustration can discourage you from using it at all.

You should also plan from the beginning to have one of our accountant member firms check your system periodically. In the future this will be something that increasingly can be handling over the telephone lines or even over the Internet. We will simply be able to dial in to your system and make any necessary changes without even bothering you.

Password protected systems like PC Anywhere will make this all possible.

But what if you have a problem? And there are always problems with any systems. Whatever computers do to speed up the number of things that we can do in a day or increase our productivity and streamline our office communications or increase our profits, there will always be problems. What do you do when you run into problems?

Call our Telephone Support Center in your area, that's what. Do you want your bookkeeper coming to you with ever problem entering data into QuickBooks or would you prefer that they call somewhere where they can get a quick and accurate answer. Most of the problems that you will be encountering with your Windows and QuickBooks system can be easily handled by our local Telephone Support Centers. Many of these questions will be QuickBooks software accounting questions, which can be answered quickly and accurately by our trained telephone support personnel.


Who We Are

The owner and principal of the company is Richard G. Robinson, CPA. He is licensed in New Mexico since 1995 and originally licensed in Colorado since 1987.

Our Staff

Since we are a virtual office, we utilize the assistance of accountants and bookkeepers who work from home all over the U.S. This is great for you because our burden rate for employees is about 1/2 that of our competitors and that savings is reflected in our rates.


If you need QuickBooks® help click the link below to ask us a question by email or just call us at 505-466-2830. Richard enjoys helping clients with QuickBooks® issues and has been a QuickBooks® consultant for many years.